Avoid the pandemic learning loss and keep your child ahead in reading and life!

Parents, is your child currently going to school and is not receiving the individualized learning experiences that will help them succeed?

Are you looking for personalized instruction tailored to your child's learning style and needs?

Are you looking for a program that can advance or keep your child on track in reading and writing?

Do you want to keep your child from experiencing the pandemic 'learning loss' that is expected to grow as schools reopen?

As millions of students return to classrooms , new research reveals how the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted learning and skills retention nationwide that experts say could take years to overcome. Sixty-six percent of teachers in one national survey, said their students are less prepared for grade-level work now compared to this point last year.

Let Literacy Doctor supplement your child's learning and fill in all of the gaps in reading! Let Literacy Doctor work with your child and get your child ahead in reading and in life!

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About Literacy Doctor

Literacy Doctor offers a vast range of programs that can be individually tailored to each student we work with. We provide online quality tutoring services you can trust. Our goal is to help students become advance readers and stay ahead of age matched peers especially during these times of uncertainty.

Tutors are Certified teachers with experience teaching learners in an engaging online format with research prove strategies.

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Literacy Doctor for Schools

Literacy Doctor is proven to lead to higher academic achievement for students. Learn more about how Literacy Doctor can help your school succeed.

  • Ongoing Reading Evaluations
  • Diagnosis and Recommendations
  • Individualized Reading Plan
  • Individualized Treatment/Tutoring by a Doctor of Reading Education Consultation and Educational coaching for parents
  • Reading Educational Resources
  • Treatment provided for all students including dyslexia